• Information Technology Project Management

    Traditional project management, as it’s used in construction or manufacturing, deals with solid, tangible elements. Instead, IT project management is complicated by shifting business needs and demanding stakeholders. From planning, scheduling and controlling IS/IT projects…to managing critical interfaces with users and vendors…to balancing development needs with system maintenance…you’ll find your information technology project management solution with Larson Corporation.

  • Preventing I.T. System Intrusion

    Hackers, computer worms and even trusted staff members are targeting security weaknesses like never before. In order to secure your critical data and systems, you need someone you can trust who’s on the cutting edge of information security. That’s why more and more government and private organizations in California and beyond are turning to Larson Corporation.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Through analysis, design, and implementation, Larson Corporation can optimize the performance and reliability of your entire network infrastructure. Larson team members are experts in Routing & Switching, Messaging & Collaboration, Security, Virtualization, Storage & Backup and Microsoft Infrastructure.

  • Cyber Homeland Security Preparedness and Response

    Terrorist Incident Response is too critical a skill set to be left to just anyone. Security is not only about threats, dangers and procedures. It’s about business and people. It shapes how you conduct business in today’s world. Security helps you run your business without disruption not only from threats; the security measures you implement can save you from danger. Larson Corporation is dedicated to security solutions that offer maximum security with minimal interference to your business or government operations.

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